Side window Heatshields as viewed from within a vehicle

Protect your interior!

The reflective material of our sunshades can produce dramatic temperature differences in vehicles parked in the sun. We've measured a temperature difference of as much as 40° F (25° C), but you will feel an average temperature reduction of about 25° F (11° C).

Heatsheilds are secured using rear view mirror for support

Nothing generic about it.

Our sunshades are custom fit for every car, truck, and van, each precisely cut using our computer-driven cutting machines.

Simple installation!

Unroll across the dash, lift the Heatshield and drop the sun visors. For storage, roll up and secure with attached Velcro Strap. We also make side and rear window Heatshields that are held in place with suction cups.

Demonstration of Heatshield material

Strong design.

Heatshields are sturdy enough to be supported with only the sun visors, while remaining flexible enough to bend around the rearview mirror.